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Monday, February 06, 2006


A woman came to church yesterday, looking for a babysitter for her 7 year old boy. She is involved with an Orchestra in Christchurch which involves some nights out practicing.

She wants someone 14 years or over and can only pay $10 a night. The nights are variable, but she can let you know the exact dates. The job could be shared with someone for different nights. She lives in Opawa and can provide transport if you live nearby.

If this sounds like you, contact Amy for more info or to get her details.


Blogger Rayd said...

how late will she be out till?
i'm assuming i don;t live nearby so on nights that she will be back before my restricted licence curfue (and based that i am available at the time), then i don't mind helping out.

however i can't help out wednesdays, thursdays, saturdays,and sundays. Along with other nights that are preoccupied.


Blogger amy said...

Lol it would have been quicker to write down the days you could do!!

I'll email you her number & you could ask her how late she'd be etc.

I think Jess M is keen to do some too.


Blogger Its GOD i choose! said...

has the job gne amz ? i really need da cash! !!!!!URGENT!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

me pick me pick me i love kids

-jazz jazz text me and let me know


Blogger amy said...

Jess Moore actually got the job, after talking to the lady on Sunday.

You may be able to job-share with Jess if she is unable to do it etc. Talk with Jess if you still keen.

I'm sure other babysitting jobs will come up :)



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