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Monday, April 03, 2006

Last Wednesday we talked about faith that does things is alive (whereas faith that doesn't do things is dead!)... so Eastercamp is holding a challenge for all youthgroups to come up with something creative to sell on Trade Me. Something that would raise a bit of dough, so we can then donate to a nominated charity.

Have a think about what we could "sell" and bring your idea on Wednesday night! (This could be your labour, something you've made, an old toy, something you don't need...)


Blogger Rayd said...

After much thinking and discussing with the team, we have come to a conclusion on what to sell. I think i can get hold of a sweet blue ibanez and if that fails then i'm thinking of donating a laptop. I wonder if i could find one that wouldn't be missed.. or if it was then wouldn't know how it disappeared...


Anonymous Jared said...

I could get something completely random from my work (Westfield) and claim it was something Helen Clark touched during the premiere of "Meet Me in Miami".

(If it worked for people selling such things as used cigarette butts, or a funeral, I'm sure that would too...hehe)


Blogger amy said...

lol I don't think so Andrew!!! I think a certain sweet blue ibanez and laptop may just be missed.

How about a certain cellphone or home pc with the largest music collection?!!

mmm Jared... nice try but I that might be called lying!


Anonymous Jared said...

Hehehehehehehe! *cheeky grin*



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