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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Soul Purpose

Hey I'm not sure how many have checked out the link on the side bar "SOUL PURPOSE" but if you haven't... you should! It's a real cool site aye. They publish a magazine specifically for young people in NZ for free. You can ask for a free copy, otherwise just read online.

It's got heaps of cool stuff about music, life, faith, current events....

Here's a cool article about Learning Forgiveness... check it out

"I used to think that Christians had it sweet. From what I saw they were never angry, sad, confused or lost. I thought they were sort of super-human, never actually feeling the normal emotions that everyone else let consume them. Like energizer bunnies on party-pills they were always happy happy happy.

After becoming a Christian myself, I tried to take on this persona that I had seen. I had been saved, and now got to hang out with the Creator of the Universe! Man, did it get any better? I started on this awesome journey, adamant that I would follow Jesus with all my heart and never sin again. One slip up after another, I came to realize that this wasn’t going to happen. The glow of salvation was starting to wear off and I was back in the world, totally disheartened that I couldn’t just stop sinning. I was definitely a child of God, so why couldn’t I get it right?

Eventually I grew tired. The cycle of sinning, and then begging for forgiveness, sinning again, and going back to the start, had worn me down. I had no one to blame but myself. One day, after a huge session of tears, I prayed to my God who seemed so far away. I didn’t feel like I was getting any better, this sin riddling my soul. It was time to give up. I’m sorry Lord, I can’t do it.

Going to Church that night, not really feeling like it at all, I knew the message was meant for me. There’s nothing that we do to deserve forgiveness. It is a free gift of God’s grace. But further than this, it has all been paid for. Every one of our sins, past, present and future, were fully counted for by Jesus Christ when he died on the Cross. At the point of accepting Him into our lives we accept this forgiveness for every sin we have done and will do in the future. We are no longer focused on begging always for forgiveness. Instead now we thank God for the amazing love that was poured out on the Cross and in the knowledge that we are still sinners, ask God for his help to become more like Christ. This does not warrant us to go out and sin, but instead compels us to obey out of love for what Jesus has already done." by Kimberley V

Dig Deeper: Romans 6, Romans 8:1-4, 2 Corinthians 5:16-21


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