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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Youth Service Sun 27 Aug!

Yeyaaah. OBY is having a Youth Service 2moro Nite! It's going to be awesum. Hope you can make it.

The youth band are playing, Jaz & Eulalia are singing us a song from High School Musical, some of the girls are doing a dance, some of the oby crew are going share what they've been up to for the past month & Amy's going to talk to us about what image we see... and how God sees us...

If you are part of OBY come down about 5pm to help setup...

Otherwise hope to see you at 7pm at Opawa Baptist Church, 285 Wilsons Rd, Chch!


Blogger Nigel said...

Allthe best for Sunday night's service guys - let me know how it goes down.
God bless ya


Blogger amy said...

Hey Nigel! Nice to hear from you... from the other side ;)

Yea the youth service went well. Great to see the youth get involved in different ways.

Hope you're settling back to life in the UK. Take care.


Blogger Nigel said...

Hi Amy, Still in Auckland - leave on 30.8.06 - fantastic about the Youth Service - missing you all - will let you have those book details when I get back - God bless :)


Anonymous Matt H said...

ahh hearing about youth services certainly brings back alot of memories! Esp setting them up!
Good to hear it went well.


Blogger amy said...

Lol... can you remember back that far Matt?!! he he good times.

Maybe you should come to our next one?



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