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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Altar Worship Night

Hey everyone... Altar Worship Night is on this Saturday 7pm at North-West New Life (La Vida Conference Centre, Hansens Lane, Riccarton).

It's a citywide youth event that's main purpose is to worship God! It's going to be awesum.

Everyone is welcome. For more info checkout www.myspace.com/altarnz

If you want to go, let Amy, Warwick or Roanna know.

Peace out

"On the 18th of August 2007, hundreds of young people from different churches all over Christchurch will converge for Altar '07, one night of worship, for our God. There will be corporate worship, performance music, painting, multimedia, dance and reflection; everything to give glory to the Lord.

On that night, we will not be defined by our churches' denominations, we will not be divided by minor differences in theology, or the type of service we attend. Instead, the youth of Christchurch will be united with one cause, to lift up the name of Jesus across our city and give thanks to our God for all that He is and all that He has done.

This event is for all the young people of Christchurch, and will happen only through the support of the young people of Christchurch. The band will be made up of musicians from different churches and youth ministries, and the dance crews and other artists will be a representation of all the awesome gifts and talents God has given people all over the city.

Start spreading the word, altar '07 is the start of something awesome in our city!"


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