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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hanmer Weekend Coming Up!!!

Put Friday 30th June to Sunday 2nd July in your diarys, calendars or woteva you use... cas to celebrate the end of Term 2... we are off to Hanmer for the Weekend!!!

We have booked 2 big houses for 2 nights. This will be a fantastic weekend away together... hot pools, mountain biking, walks, horse riding, 6 person bikes around Hanmer town, playing cards, hanging out.... sound good?

Only 6 weeks away!!!! Woooohhhooooooooo!!!!

(More details to come)


Blogger Rayd said...

how long will we be there on sunday? Cos if it's till after 4 o clock, which i'm guessing it will be, then i will need to get the time of work.


Blogger amy said...

We will leave about lunchtime so will definately be back by then in time for you to go to work! (unless you want the time off...)


Blogger jasminejasminejasmine said...

hey amy i think that you should come to my concert first and then we could go up afterwards if the concert is early enough maybe?



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