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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

OBY Camp 2006

OBY Youth Camp 2006 is just round the corner! Only 2 1/2 weeks away!!! 20-22 October (Labour Weekend).

Camp is going to be awesum. We are off to Mt Hutt Retreat, in Methven. It's a top venue.

There will be heaps of fun things to do over the weekend... like spotlight, bonfire, mountain biking, sitting in the spa/sauna, team challenges, touch rugby, argo rides, archery...

Christoph Zintl (youth pastor @ South City Christian Centre) is coming to talk with us over the weekend about how we can better connect with each other and with our Creator God!!! Christoph is a top guy and has great "speaking skills"... you'll love him.

We'd LOVE you to make it! So please get a rego from church or Amy if you haven't already got one. It only costs $65 (or $60 if you pay by this Sunday night). Give regos & money to Kate Diggs. If you have trouble with paying, please talk to Kate - some sponsorship is available! Don't let money stop you from coming.

You are fully welcome to invite a mate along to camp. Because we think it'd be pretty cool if you did bring a mate to camp... you will get a $5 McD's voucher for your efforts! Pretty sweet deal aye?!

It'd be great if you could pray before camp that we'd have a great time, keep safe, connect better together & that we would all grow deeper in our relationship with our Creator God!


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