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Friday, February 10, 2006

Notices... for those who couldn't make Wednesday!

Quail Island Day Trip

Yes we are off to Quail Island tomorrow for the day! Will be heaps of fun.

Randall & AA are all pumped cas they are bring 2-3 boats!! So this is your chance to fall off the back of a biscuit as best you can!!

Meet 9:30am at church! This is one day you don't want to miss. Feel free to bring a friend.

DIY contd...

Next Wednesday we are going to add our personal touch to the youth centre!

We're going to make lots of tiles (paint on white cermaic tiles like the ones below), make a new and improved OBY photoboard and stick up new curtains!

Make sure you bring some old clothes to chuck on!

If you have any photos from OBY events from the last year, either bring a hard copy on Wednesday or email to Amy by Tuesday night.

Red Cross Appeal

The Red Cross are looking for people to help them out to collect donations on their Annual Appeal Week - Monday 27 Feb to Sunday 5 March.

They will provide you with collection bags, official collectors badge (yes andrew you just may get to keep them ;). You can request to collect in a specific street/area. Check out www.redcross.org.nz for more info on what they do.

If you are keen to help them out, find someone (or 2) to do it with and let Amy know by posting here or emailing (1) who's doing it and (2) if you request a specific street/area to collect in.


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