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Friday, May 19, 2006

Koru #2

Tonight was the 2nd Koru programme. It went really well. No broken teeth, or trips to the hospital ;)

We doubled in numbers! There were 8 young people in total plus the koru team. 1 new boy & 3 new girls.

I asked the 3 new girls (who I know from Holiday programme) how they knew Koru was happening as they don't go to Waltham School... and they said they saw the sandwich boards that I had put out there today! Wohoo. Go the sandwich boards :) Plus one had got a flyer at the Waltham Fun Fair - so well done to everyone who helped out with the info stall!!

Steve did a wee talk tonight about Friendship, and best friends. He shared how it's cool to have best friends but even our best friends can let us down sometimes... but Jesus will never let us down. He is the ultimate best friend who loves us heaps. Was really cool.

Well done all the leaders & helpers who turned up tonight. Was real cool to see ya there doing your thing.

So the next Koru programme is on 2nd June. We asked the kids if they wanted to cruise over to the Quiz Nite that's happening at church. They were all keen so we are going to meet at 6:30pm that night for fish n chips, and then cruise over to the Quiz Nite.

Thank you God for a great nite! Bring on the next one...


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