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Monday, February 20, 2006

You can make the world of difference...

You can make the world of difference by doing the 40 hour famine.

What's involved?
  1. Get a famine pack from Amy
  2. Choose famine type - food, techno etc
  3. Get sponsors
  4. Do famine
  5. Collect money & complete booklet
  6. Hand back to Amy with money

Please note OBY are doing the famine the week before on 10-12 March (because church woman's camp & U2 concert is on 17-19 March).

To celebrate the famine, and help get you through the last excruitating & painful hours of the famine, we are going to have a sleepover! Will be heaps of fun. Games, movies etc. Get an info/rego form from church!


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